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Rahul and Amy - Jaipur
Jaipur, India

How did Varanasi Old City Tours get its start?

The Answer:

The husband and wife team, Rahul and Amy Perez Sharma, have a deep rooted interest in Varanasi and established Varanasi Old City Tours to share the legends, culture, art and flavors of the oldest living city in India through our guided tours. We want to give visitors to this sacred Hindu mecca an insider’s look into Varanasi.

Rahul and Amy - Airport

Rahul was born and raised in Varanasi and has a deep rooted knowledge for the city and is proud to share this with visitors to Varanasi, welcoming them with open arms. His wife, Amy, is from the US and has lived full time in this cultural mecca for nearly a decade. She has also experienced the culture & festivals and has an extensive knowledge of the city.

We offer walking tours along the Ganga riverfront ghats and the bustling ancient markets with twisting lanes lined with shops and food stalls,  and magical boat tours escorted by floating candles, as well as explorations by car.

Boat Tour with Customers
Boat Tour with Customers

Varanasi has existed for over five thousand year as a religious and cultural epicenter of India with millions of pilgrims, artists and travelers visiting every year to pay reverence to Mother Ganga. The myths and legends continue to inspire, challenge and perplex visitors from around the world.

Saddhu on Steps
Saddhu on Steps

Whether you are looking for a quick tour of Varanasi to get the layout of the city along with the added bonus some fun facts, or are interested in exploring with a group of like-minded travelers under the protective wing of an expert local guide or wanting a personalized custom tour catering to your interests and time frame…..Varanasi Old City Tours can make it happen! We can also pre-arrange group tours coming from different parts of India as part of other tours.