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COST: $28 per person. 15% Discount on groups of 3 or more people.

PAYMENT: Payment in full due at the beginning of tour – Cash only. Credit Card payment option available online only prior to tour via Pay Pal (3% fee) or Transferwise.


  • Boat ride at dawn
  • Walking tour: Darahara Mosque, Underground Shiva Temple, Nepali Temple, Golden Temple



Take a boat tour on the Ganges River at dawn to absorb the mystical atmosphere and see first-hand the sacred fires of the Manikarnika cremation Ghat and the ancient architecture along the riverfront which is dotted with 15th century Maharaja palaces and temples. This will also be your opportunity to see Hindu worshipers doing their daily devotional rituals (puja) along the river. Believers bathe early in the morning to offer the prayers to the rising sun…….a true representation of Hindu faith at its most humble.

Our tour will begin at Dasashwamedh Ghat, floating the fluid currents past the many ghats, palaces and temples. During the ride, the Varanasi tour guide will introduce you to the history and folklore of Varanasi and point out famous landmarks and explain the morning rituals.

One of the oldest and most famous ghats in Varanasi is the cremation ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, where the sacred funeral fires burn 24 hours a day. Every pious Hindu believes that to die in Varanasi and to be cremated on the banks of the Ganges is to attain release from the cycle of birth and death (reincarnation)….thus achieving Moksha (salvation) and ending the cycle for good.

Moving downriver to the Darahara Mosque, we will disembark and begin the walking tour of the old city. Your tour guide will take you into the Darahara Mosque, the Shiva underground temple and the Nepali Temple before guiding you through the labyrinth of narrow alleyways lined with houses  that tower above you, a myriad of shops for food and knick-knacks, guesthouses for the adventurous travelers and pilgrims and cows……lots and lots of cows!

Final destinations: The Golden Temple (Kashi Vishwanath Temple)…..famous for being one of the most visited and sacred temples for Hindus with spires that shine with real gold.


Start: Main Ghat – Dashashwamedh / End: Golden Temple


Tour Duration: Tour duration is approximately 3-3.5 hours). Start time varies depending on weather, so please check with us.


Tips and Details:

We will be doing a lot of walking so please wear comfortable shoes. Mosquito cream is advisable during boat tours. Please note that there are no Western-style toilets easily available anywhere in the vicinity of the walk. All of our boat rides are guided tours and there will be a trained guide with you all the time during the tour. Our maximum group size is usually not more than 6-8 people. If you’d like a hotel pickup or drop-off, please let us 24 hours in advance.

Golden Temple Note: Security very tight when entering the Golden Temple. You must leave shoes, cameras, mobile phones, and even pens outside if you wish to enter the complex. There are safe locker facilities available. You can take money purses into the temple. Foreigners are required to bring a passport as id proof.  


*Please feel free to get in touch prior to your arrival to Varanasi if you need any assistance booking accommodations or airport or train station pick up.



Includes a knowledgeable English speaking tour guide for the duration of the boat ride and walking tour. All boat fees are included.