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Join Varanasi Old City Tours to explore the labyrinth of the ancient marketplace of Varanasi and the amazing Hindu temples lining the Ganga and interior of the city. Our knowledgeable tour guides are experts on Varanasi  and will lead you on a guided tour unveiling all the mysteries of ancient Varanasi. We offer walking tours the the old city and along the famous Ganges River as well as boat tours taking you to the burning ghats and the evening Aarti Ceremony honoring Mother Ganga. Full and half day sightseeing and custom tours are also available to visit all the important sites of Varanasi and to Sarnath.

Walking Tours

Artisan basket weaver

The best way to get a true sense of the real Varanasi is to explore it on foot. The ancient city fronting the holy Ganga River consists of a labyrinth of narrow lanes snaking around like Shiva’s favorite animal – the cobra. Read More…

Boat Tours

Varanasi Old City Tours - Boat Tour

The River Ganga is almighty…..taking on the role as Mother Ganga for all of India and believed to have the power to rid people of their sins just by bathing in her holy water. All life in Varanasi revolves around the river. Read More…

Custom Tours

Varanasi Old City Tours - Boat Tour

Varanasi Old City Tours is excited to show you all there is to see in the culturally and spiritually rich destination of Varanasi. If you have a particular interest that is not covered in one of our set tours, let us know and we can design a tour that suits your interests and time frame. Read More…

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing Tours: Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi

Let’s head out of the old city and visit some historical and culturally significant landmarks including the Monkey Temple,Banaras Hindu University and the Buddhist sacred spot of Sarnath.  Read More…

Festival Excursions

Varanasi Hindu Festival

Varanasi has more festivals than you can imagine that reflect and celebrate the culture and religion of the area which are so intriguing and beautiful. Come with us on our Festival Excursions and we will explain the significance of the festival and take you to the places important to that celebration. Read More…

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